How to Swing with your Driver

You are first at tee and you feel nervous. The palms of your hands are sweating. Good thing you have your gloves on so no one notices the wet palms. You are concerned about how to swing with a driver. This is not the time to ask that question, your primary thought should be on the readiness to hit the golf ball.

Self doubts creep into our thinking and worry sets in as you start to question if the ball can be driven without causing a slice or a hook, or sky the ball off the tee. Worse, hit the ball straight, but end severely short from the target.

We all want to hit the ball straighter, and longer and closer to the target, and to be able to do it with consistency. We are always in search for the magic golf swing tip or two which will change our game. How to properly swing a golf club is always in our thinking.

The weekend golfer, the average golfer all struggle with improving their swings. We all need proper golf instruction. How to golf swing with a driver is a very important skill to develop.

The top three keys to golfing success are to:

  1. Lower your handicap.
  2. Shoot lower scores.
  3. Learn to hit longer and straighter.

One of the most difficult clubs to swing and perfect for most golfers is the driver.

Here is a suggestion when teeing with your driver:

Tee back from a flat area with feet and ball at the same level. Divots, worn soil areas, dried grass can have the heels of your shoes sitting lower than the golf ball. It seems like a simple thing, why the bother?

The fact is you are out of level with the ball and it can be just enough to end with an incorrect swing resulting with a hook or another swing error which you do not want to do.

The tee peg has markings on its stem. Push the peg into the ground to the correct mark. The correct mark is where the club face hits the golf ball in the middle or the ball is hit at the top edge of the club face.

If the club head hits the ball at too high a level the ball will fly high into the sky. If the ball is too low at the club face then the ball is too low to the ground.

Focus on what you are doing and be mentally prepared to hit the ball. Focus on what needs to be done and not worry about what can go wrong. You will be amazed at the results of doing what needs to be done.

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