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Golf Tips From the Pro

As part of an on-going series, Club Pro Bill Phaneuf III provides insight on improving your game and cutting strokes off your score. This month's golf tips include:

Have your grips changed to start the season.

As you begin the golfing season, it is a good idea to check the quality of your grips. If they are worn and feel slippery, they need to be changed. A good connection to the golf club by having new grips installed is an easy way to help your game. Same day service available, ask for details and pricing in the Banner Pro Shop.

Stretch your muscles.

Before you begin a round of golf or a practice session on the range, be sure to stretch out before starting. Just a few minutes stretching your back, hamstrings, shoulders and hips can help your stability, balance, and endurance.

Start with the basics.

If you find your game has a bit of rust as the new season gets under way, go back to the basics. Focus on your grip, stance, posture, ball position, and alignment to get you off on the right track.

Tee the driver off the front big toe.

When teeing up the ball for a drive, make sure the ball is forward in you stance, about off of you left toe, in order to make good contact as the club is on the upswing.

Wide swing arc for the driver.

When the length of the club increases, your driver is about 45 inches, make sure to widen the width of your swing arc. Drivers need to be swung with a wide shallow arc to work correctly.

Arms and body stay together.

The driver clubhead takes a long time to get back to the ball. Be sure not to let you body over rotate and spin out, leaving the club head behind and open, and resulting in what else, a SLICE.

Putt like a pendulum.

Your downstroke at the ball should be smooth and rythmical, similar to the pendulum of a clock swinging back and forth. Make the backswing and forward swing the same length.

It's all about speed on the greens.

Focus most of your attention when reading a putt on SPEED. Line is important too, but most of your misses will be long or short by a wider margin than the miss left or right of the hole.

Eyes over the ball at address when putting.

The most important thing in your putting set up is to try to have your eyes over the ball, which is on the target line at address. This will encourage a smooth, straight back, straight forward stroke.


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